How To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Accounting Firms Adelaide


We have all read those disturbing stories of accountants who have skimmed money from their clients for years, unnoticed. It’s a terrifying thing to think that the firm that is meant to help you may actually be stealing from you.  Here is a guide that will help you navigate your way around hiring the best Adelaide accounting firms can hire.

Double Check References

It pays to take your time when it comes to finding the right accounting firm to work with. Review all the potential accounting firms Adelaide that is before you before you go ahead and make a final decision. It never hurts to do a background check on them to know what exactly you will be dealing with. Have there been any complaints or scandals about this company, and if so was the company at fault?

Define Parameters and Limit the Amount of Information the Firm Will Have

The kind of information the accounting firm will collect by virtue of working with you is of a very sensitive nature. Hence it only makes sense that there should be clear and definite parameters as to how much access they have to your personal information. This cannot be emphasized enough. Things that your accounting firm should not be authorized to do include signing checks on your behalf, making bank withdrawals or making any kind of bill payments.

Negotiate an Honest and Fair Fee

By doing this you significantly reduce the chances of the accounting firm from stealing from you. One way of also allowing them to feel appreciated is to offer some sort of incentive. This can be a bonus of sorts if you want. Having an accounting firm helping you in your business is a good investment, so you need to show goodwill towards those who are helping you to become as profitable as you possibly can. If you have found a reliable accounting firm, they will more often than not return the favor and make sure they do their very best with your business.

Keep Tabs on the Accounting Firm

Adelaide Accounting firms can also be audited! Keep an eye on what is being recorded in the books. Ask to see the books and any receipts from time-to-time to ensure that accurate information is being copied and tallied. This will show the firm that you are involved and are watching how they do business. It will help keep them honest if they know that you are keeping tabs and a watchful eye over everything they are doing. You don’t have to do this on a day-to-day basis. You can even do it once a week, just to make sure that the books are adding up as they are meant to. This will keep your bookkeeper from trying to skim any money off the top.