Are there jobs in Australia without tax? – Tax Exemption Conditions In Australia

Australia without tax

Are there jobs in Australia without tax? As simple as the question may sound, its
answer is a little complex. Are there jobs in Australia without tax? The simple answer is
no, there is no job without tax. However, instead of asking for jobs without tax, it
makes more sense to ask if there are tax exemption conditions.

Yes, there is one general tax exemption condition. No matter your job or business, if
you have not made up to $18,200, you are exempted from tax. You will only begin to
pay your tax when you hit the threshold. This exemption is not automatic. You have to
claim it while filling a mandatory tax file number declaration form. There is a question
on the form that is about tax exemption.

However, tax issues in Australia are not so simple. They much more complex than you
think. To avoid paying a huge amount as a tax bill, it is important that you consult tax
accounts. If you have a business, you should hire a tax accountant.

Hiring a tax accountant

Of course, there are numerous tax experts in Australia but the quality of their services
differs widely. In addition to that, their charges will also differ too. Unfortunately,
higher charges do not always lead to better services. So, you may need to apply the
following tips to hire a tax accountant.

Ask for reference

You can ask friends and colleagues for the name and contacts of the reliable tax
accountants that they know. You should get some contacts. If not, you can search for
tax accountants.

If you eventually get a long list of contacts, you should reduce the list to just four tax
accountants. Contact each of the four of them discretely to discuss terms of service and

Consider experience

You are better off with the most experienced tax accountant. Experience often comes
with a high level of expertise. So, you are likely to get the best services from
experienced tax accountants. However, you also need to understand that inexperienced
accountants often inflate their years of experience. So, you may need to ask your
prospective tax accountant for proof of his experience.

Think of communication skills

Your accountant should be able to come down to your level while communicating with
you. You should stay away from any tax consultant whose communication is filled with
technical jargons. He is either not so good at what he does or he wants to bamboozle

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